The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Monday, December 15, 2008

Who said 200 square feet isn't a lot?

If those words ever came out of your mouth then you are an idiot. After waiting 2 days and 12 1/2 hours (is that a lot?) for the carpet guy to install the carpet it is finally finished. And we are loving the space. The best part according to Noah is..."the bigscreen" He says that with a twinkle in his eye. Check out the pics.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little baby vs. big chair

I guess Ben thought it a good idea to put a still unstable baby in a huge recliner...that rocks...not meaning it is cool but meaning it moves back and forth when Adam runs into it because he isn't paying attention. What do you think?

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WHAT THE HECK IS HE DOING? you may or may not know Ben has a new job with Granite school district. He just pulled off one of the projects he has been working on and I am so proud of him. Here is a clip so that you can see a glimpse into what he is doing.

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Instead of starting the day at the office, like usual, Granite's elected officials went back to school today. Mayors, city council members, legislators and other leaders of the district toured two elementary schools, two junior highs, a high school and a technical institute. Benjamin Horsley, with the Granite School District, says, "There's so many diverse opinions about what needs to happen in public education, I think this gives our leaders and officials a chance to see what really goes on in the classroom so they can have the best information possible." The visitors got to spend time in classrooms and learned about new programs like the dual-immersion program and science program. They also got to see how the different schools deal with at-risk students and their families. Granite School District officials feel if the community leaders and lawmakers see for themselves how the schools function, they'll be better at representing the students and the public education system.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do these count as family pictures...

Family pictures in my mind were always horribly inconvenient, boring (as a child), yet chaotic. They always had to be in a studio, or shot on location somewhere far away and more beautiful then the backyard (which could have easily worked). They were usually only taken on special occasions like weddings. Then they never turned out as good as the effort put into them to be taken, and the money they cost.
We stopped by our friend Aprils house after church a couple weeks ago and said, "hop in the van and come take our pictures". She grabbed her camera and off we a brick wall down the street of a building that got knocked down.
No appointment.
No sitting fee.
No matching outfits.
No crazy photographer with wild artsy ideas.
No 6-8 weeks to develop.
This was fun!
Thanks April!
The really good ones are on our Christmas cards!