The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Can you believe it?

Noah is 11. I am not ready, but it's true that he is 11. He got donuts and kickstart for breakfast. I know, I know, I'm an atrocious mom. 

He swindled me for a PS3 and a couple of games for it. Then had a late night party with some friends to play video games. We ate lots of snacks, And played lots of games. It was good times. 

His friends that joined us were Brayden, Jackson, Wyatt, Tanner, Colby, Hudson, and Gavin. 

He is still my favorite Noah in all the world. He's a great boy, uh I mean young man. He had a very happy birthday.

Skiing and boarding

Snow. I love watching it fall. How it glitters in the light. I hate how cold and wet it is. I have lived it Utah for 20 years and I've never participated in any outdoor sport that involves "The Greatest snow on Earth". It seems like a horrible way to spend the day. However, I am very blessed that my husband feels differently. He is such a good dad to get up early on Saturdays and take his boys up to the resort. He has been taking Noah up to learn snowboarding a few times. Today he took Adam up and got him a skiing lesson. They both really enjoy it. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Festival of Trees 2013

Once again I helped Carina with a tree this years festival of trees. She did it for a woman in her wards mom who is suffering from cancer. I met her on decorating day but don't know much more about her. I really just helped this year to help Carina. Unfortunately we had Drew take pictures of us decorating so they didn't turn out very good. I've got one with the finished tree that will suffice. It's fun and stressful all at the same time, but well worth it for the children.