The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An evening out

Last month Ben went out of town for a week and towards the end of the week I was spent so I took all the boys out to Chili's for dinner. I saw it as a fun night out to get away from the daily grind. No cooking. No clean up after dinner. The boys picked what they ate so no whining about what we were eating. I really enjoyed dinner.
I had 3 people comment on how brave I was to bring ALL of my boys out in public. I didn't feel brave. I felt relaxed, relieved, and happy. Funny how perspective can do that to people. What seems an insurmountable task to one is doable to another. It was a fun night out with my cutest ever boys!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Once in a lifetime

I am a lot behind in my blogging posts this year. Because my husband prints my blog in a book every Christmas for me I am going to ask him for an extension so it won't be printed until next year so I can catch up. My goal is to post a new entry followed by an old one. Hopefully, by the end of the year I am completely caught up and ready to tackle next year! Wish me luck!

As many of you may know when Ben and I were newly married he told me of a dream of his to run for and become the Governor of Utah. At first this was a silly dream to me as I am not much into politics. However, after looking more closly at the gig I realized if Ben is the Governor I get to live in the Governors mansion. I then latched onto that dream and made one of my own.

A few weeks ago Ben got an invitation in the mail to have dinner with the Governor, at the mansion. It was for everyone who helped out in his re-election efforts. Ben helped him out in the initial stages of his campaign until the convention then dropped out. Anyway, we...the Horsley's were going to eat dinner in the mansion with the Governor. It wasn't the same as living there, but it was beautiful none the less. Adam and Seth and I counted 5 Christmas trees, 3 kitchens, 2 studies, 3 stories (there may have been a basement, but we weren't allowed to go see), 1 beautiful staircase, and 1 ballroom. We only got to see about 1/3 of the house. As I walked around the mansion I was snooping into the kitchen and Governor Herbert came down a back staircase that was blocked off and caught me. We exchanged pleasantries and I apologized for intruding. Little does he know it will all be mine someday...(maniacal laugh!) It was a lovely evening and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Here's a picture of my cute family on the staircase. A nice man who couldn't figure out Ben's phone took the photo so sorry it's blurry, but documentation none the less.(Noah isn't with us. He chose to go to basketball practice instead of hanging at the mansion with us.) He's lame!