The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Upside down faces

Does anyone remember doing this as a kid? It was a rough evening at our house and we all needed a laugh. Bedtime especially had everyone irritated. It must've been divine intervention that I thought of this because I haven't done it or thought about it since girls camp in 1991. Anyway, it was funny and we all got in a good laugh before bed. Maybe consider sharing this with your kids today too.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We also visited San Diego Zoo

I've never been there before this trip, and I LOVED it! It was so amazing. We had a really hard time getting Noah and Adam out of bed that morning. "I don't wanna go to the stupid zoo" said Noah. "Why can't we go to Disneyland again today" Adam says. "ugh, zoos are sooooo boring" they wail. They actually loved it too.
Seth Waited all day to see the crocodiles. He's so excited!
We got to see an Okapi
The flamingos were my favorite, but of course mom doesn't get in any pictures.
The boys hanging with the hippo
Wait, maybe the panda was my favorite!
The kimono dragon was really creepy and weird, but Wilson (my nephew) freaked out over him!

Disneyland trip 2012

Well, our Disneyland trip came and went and we had a blast! Here are some highlight photos. You have all been there so I won't waste time telling you what we did. We did what you do when you go to Disneyland. So, enjoy the pictures.
Joshy on Casey Junior. He wasn't too sure about it.
Adam completed the course and all the challenges in order to receive his wilderness explorer badge. He even got to meet Russell when he was done. All he could say was, "Russell is fat." Nice son, very nice.
Autotopia. What more do I need to say?
Noah bugged me all week for this Mickey Pretzel. I should've at least taken his picture facing away from the sun.
I didn't know that my dad was going to Disneyland the same time as us. I was so excited to see him.
Noah bumping into Stephanie on the Bugs Life bumper cars.
Chillin' like a villian waiting for Star Tours.
This is my favorite picture. Seth loved the Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is him riding the train and giggling the whole time. He rode it at least 5 times. He is so cute!
Joshy in Toon Town. Why don't any of these doors work in this darn place?
I'd say this was my favorite part of the day. Naptime in the stroller.
Grizzly River run, such fun!

Teacher appreciation week and the dreaded bulletin boards

This year Noah has a male teacher. Most of the bulletin boards around the school popping up were all really cheesy and cutesy. I made up a bulletin board for Adam's teacher, who is a woman, that was extremely cheesy. She totally ate it up. Then I proceeded to make up an equally cheesy bulletin board for Mr. Butler. I was feeling kind of bad about it and went to Noah her help. I was questioning whether or not he would appreciate it. I was wondering if because he was a male teacher that he wouldn't like all the cheese. But don't all teachers like cheesy, sappy stuff? Noah would have none of this. He says to me "Mom why don't we just make it look like a chessboard, because Mr. Butler is his chess coach, and write Mr. Butler is king of our class?"