The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rake the leaves at 52 degrees for 45 minutes, and enjoy!

As you all know we don't have any trees in our yard. The boys have been begging me for weeks to jump in some leaves. Well, ever since they noticed that the leaves are changing and falling. I told them that because we don't have any trees, therefore no leaves, we needed to go find some leaves elsewhere. We decided that for FHE we would go work hard to rake leaves at an elderly couples home in our neighborhood. The boys really enjoyed the work and hopefully they will want to do it again. You can't see Ben very well in this picture, or any of them for that matter, but he is there working hard! Harder than all of us actually. Noah, Adam and I were really busy throwing leaves at each other.
After all the hard work was finished we got to play in the leaves! YEAH!! That made it all worth it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

If you have the means I highly recommend it!

My family got to go to the Black Island farms last week. It was a little pricey, but so worth the money! They have so many fun things for the kids to do and you can stay there for the whole afternoon. We were there for 4 hours and only left cause it was getting dark and cold. The things that we got to do but I didn't put a pictures on here are: Walk through the petting zoo and feed the llama, practice roping a bull, duck races, pig races, corn shooters, paint ball, farmers market, the 3 story tall slide, pumpkin bounce house, baby hay maze, and 3 different corn mazes, They even have a haunted Barn, and maze after dark. It was so fun! Check out the website at for more info. They are even supposed to have coupons there too. Can't find Noah in the corn! The boys lost in the Edward Maze. FYI: Everyone but me (Heidi, the mom and only girl) got seperated from the family and got lost in the maze at one point or another. Including the baby who got lost with Dad.
Ben and Seth on the fun and bumpy train ride.
Noah in the cow car on the train.
Adam making a corn angel in the corn pit!
Seth loved the corn pit and got really mad at me when I took him out.
Adam on the train.
Me going down the tall hay slide. It was so fun!
The boys searching for the perfect pumpkin. Everyone who goes on the hay ride gets to pick a free pumpkin. They said there are over 500,000 pumpkins there so you are bound to find the perfect one for you!
The boys in front of the farm!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doing what suits you?

We have had a huge issue with Noah not tucking in his church shirt. He hates to tuck in any shirt especially his church shirt. He also likes to suck/chew on his tie claiming that he was hungry, or bored in primary. So, last month Ben challenged Noah to keep his shirt tucked in all through church and not eat his tie for a month. 4 weeks of church. Surprisingly he did it! So, Ben had to come through with his part of the deal, whcih was to buy Noah a suit for church. I don't know why he wanted a suit when he couldn't keep his jean shorts and shirt looking nice, but he did. Here is a picture of Adam wearing what Noah used to wear. Then a picture of Noah with the suit on, sorry it is kind of fuzzy! Good job Noah!

Friday, October 2, 2009

WARNING! Some content may be offensive to the reader.

Well, as most of you have already heard we just returned from the vacation from he**, literally! When we weren't melting from the heat and humidity we did have fun sitting on the beach and doing nothing, parasailing, going to the temple in Merida, and visiting Tulum and Chitzen Itza. We could have done without the crappy resort, food, and all the Mexican people who were less than cordial to us. (and that is putting it politely) We actually had merchants on the street call us names in spanish when we didn't stop in their shops. I wanted to say to him: "I can speak spanish and since you called me that name I have changed my mind and am going to buy everything in your store now. Isn't that nice of an A-hole like me? Just kidding, I'm out of here." None the less here are a few pictures of the fun things we did, and hopefully all the bad and painful memories will soon fade so we can move on with our lives.

This one is for Aubrey!

Or anyone else who wants to guess, except for Steph cause I know she knows it. Name this movie Quote. What do you call this place again, the surface of the sun?!?!