The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giggly baby

Is there anything else in the world that is 100% guaranteed to bring an instant smile to your face than a baby that giggles? I dare you to try to find something. Josh is 3 months (13 weeks to be exact) and he can giggle. He is very particular as to when he will giggle. He LOVES the tub so I can always get him to laugh in the tub. He is starting to respond to being tickled, but it depends on his mood and where you are tickling him. I got him to giggle a few times in this video.

By the way...he laughed for me first. That is to say he doesn't laugh for Ben.

You don't love your cousin cause it's wrong...

Well, you can love your cousin...just don't LOVE your cousin. Seth and his cousin Bennett began to take the toys out of the toy box at Grandmas house. Every adult who walked by them nicely reminded them that they were going to have to put them back. They ignored our warnings and continued to work together taking out more toys. I went in the toy room and started putting the toys back in the box in an effort to show them how it was done. They ushered me away and persevered. Now having to take the toys out that I put in made it exponentially more difficult. Finally, all the annoying adults left them alone just long enough to reach the top of their Mt. Everest. They emptied the entire toy box...and climbed in. They proceeded to laugh at each other to celebrate their victory. Nice job you two. Cousins, friends, boys, teammates, and now victors!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hide N' Seek

One of the many games that we love to play in our new house is hide and seek. We finally have enough room and feel like we have enough hiding spaces that it makes for a pretty good game. I can even find spots to hide. As you probably can guess Noah is the best hider and the other boys struggle to find him sometimes. Adam is getting better and more creative with his hiding spots. Seth always goes to the same spot. Always. However, the other day Seth must have decided that he was sick of losing because he found a new spot. He found a good new spot. i was impressed. Noah and Adam couldn't find him. It took me a few minutes of really looking to find him. Very clever Seth.

 In case you can't tell he's in the laundry basket.

Friday, April 1, 2011

What is wrong with my kids?

I love springtime! My kids haven't asked to turn on the TV all day. Its very odd for them. They love to watch TV. Instead we played basketball, baseball, jumped on the trampoline, and had just about every kid (who is a boy) in our neighborhood in our house. Today is so far, so good.
As an added bonus the dog who is normally following me around every second of the day is enjoying the warm sun too.