The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just canning the night away!

I love the fall because of all the yummy food that we get to pick and can/freeze. This year I was so excited to have a ton of tomatoes in my own garden so I canned some yummy cilanto lime salsa! Then I had so many left over that I canned some crushed tomatoes.
My family loves fresh corn on the cob so every year we freeze our own corn off the cob.
My mom found a steal of a deal on strawberries so we froze some strawberries too.
I got myself some of my favorite fruit in the whole world and even though they were quite sour this year I canned some peaches. Hopefully they will sweeten up in their simple syrup.
Last I have plans to scour my sisters grape vines for what I can find and juice some grapes. The bad news in she said her husband cut them way back last year so she isn't sure what is left. I am going to go and see what we can find sometime in the next couple of weeks.
So fun to have yummy fresh tasting food all winter!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Does it blow your mind like it blows mine???

Adam started pre-school officially this week. I am actually shocked at this. With Noah he seemed so ready to be in school since he was 3. Adam has been my little man for so long it seems that he can't possibly be old enough to go to Pre-school. Alas he is. He is going to Jump Start and he absolutely loves it. I picked him up the other day and all the kids had little bags with their names and felt frogs on them. In the other hand was a bag of goodies that Adam told me they got from going on a treasure hunt. His teachers have a lot of great and creative ideas. I think that both he and I will love it. Good luck Adam, and have fun learning! It only gets harder after Pre-school.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This post is for Heather

Granted Max is almost 2 in this photo but the resemblance is just spot on! Their eyes, their lips, their noses, their hairlines, even their fingers curl the same. So cute!

Remembering September 11, 2001

I am just sitting here remembering where I was and how I felt that day. We were moving and Bens mom was coming over to our house to give us something. I was unpacking and Ben runs into the room throwing cables everywhere yelling like a mad man things like, "I have to set up the TV!" "We have to watch the news!" "My mom just called and said something about how there was a plane that crashed into the twin tower. She said it may be an attack on the US." I remember thinking to myself that she was crazy and there was no such thing happening in the USA. Who would dare attack us? By the time we got the TV hooked up the second tower was hit and I remember sitting in front of the TV the rest of the day watching the burning buildings, then the Pentagon, and then the other plane that was taken over by the crew and passangers. What kind of fear and courage those people must have felt. I remember sitting in front of the TV for like 2 weeks straight watching the events unfold. I would stop watching long enough to shower, eat, and go to work, where I would just sit and watch it there too. My boss didn't care cause he and everyone else was sitting and watching as well. What a horrific day. Almost 2000 people died. I am just remembering.

The Piggy Party was a squeeeeel!

The only thing that our Sethy has ever shown preference for (besides eating only carbs) is his blanket with pigs on it. Every time he sees it or hugs it he squeels and shudders with excitement. So Noah gave me the great idea to have a piggy themed party for his 1st birthday. Here is our little piggy now! He loved the pig cake and ate two pieces. I have never seen a one year old eat all of their cake and then have their uncle slip them another piece. He was so excited...he was laughing, waving his hands, and truley enjoying the pig and the sugar! We played pin the tail on the pig, we had a cake walk to win pig snout cupcakes (unfortunantly I didn't get a picture of them), took photos in our pig breakfast sign, and he got lots of fun new toys. We love Sethy so much, and are so greatful that our families love him too. He has been a lot of fun to be around this past year and I can't believe it has been a year. Happy Birthday Sethy...we are so glad you are a part of our family! We love you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our last chance to camp before school!

We got to go camping with my family for one last hurrah before school started and we went to Bear Lake. We all had so much fun! We got to go out on the boat, sing songs, shoot bottle rockets, eat lots of yummy food (including the delicious crack..thanks Carina for providing it for us), hike to and rope swing at Bloomington Lake, watch Ben and Joey float a log to shore, chasing away an attack skunk in the middle of the night, smores, shakes, and all the other great stuff that is included in a Bear lake experience. The only down side was Seth hated sleeping at camp. He cried all night...well it wasn't crying it was flipping out. I think he was scared and confused so he didn't fare very well the first night. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us crash the second night in the trailer...he did much better. All in all it was a success...Thanks Carina for your planning and everyone else for all your hard work to make it so much fun! P.S. I will get my pictures off my camera and post them soon. For now I copied Carinas slide show. It is at the top of my blog!