The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Friday, October 29, 2010

Should I be nervous about this?

Both Noah and Adam have a box in their room where they keep trinkets and other special things. They call them their "special boxes". Honestly I am such an anti-clutter freak that I started these boxes because I had thrown away a lot of things that they really wanted to keep. So, I tell them that I can't tell if it means anything to you unless it is in your special box. So, the other day Adam with digging through his box and playing with things and reminiscing about his special things. He found a self portrait that he had done when he was 3. He pulled it out, examined it carefully, made a disgusted face, and brought it over to me. He says,"Mom, can you throw this picture of me away. I don't want it any more. It makes me look fat."
He hands me this picture and walks back over to his box. Should I be worried??

FINALLY!! Jazz season is upon us

We are sharing season tickets with my parents and 2 sisters this season. It has been fun so far to go to the pre-season games, but last night was truly disheartening. The Jazz played their first home game of the season and got spanked. Hopefully they will do well this year and play Haywood a lot because he is my new BTW and I'm his biggest fan!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

C'est La vie

I don't mean to complain....but I absolutely hate when my kids pour an entire bottle of kid shampoo into the bath water. Then it takes 2 days to rinse them off, and 3 more days to rinse out the tub! Am I the only mom that this happens to? Am I the only mom who it bothers? Well, c'est la vie, off the to store to buy some more kid shampoo.