The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Friday, July 27, 2012

Adam, Adam, Bo Badam

FYI-This post was written over a month ago when it was Adams belated birthday. Now that his birthday was three months ago and super belated I am feeling ready to post it. Here we go...

So, here I sit with a second child who is 7 years old. What can I say about Adam. He is one in a million. Adam brings much joy to my life and he is a wonderful big brother to Josh. He loves to help with the baby, who is mot much of s baby any more. He is very smart and did very well in the first grade, and starts out awesome in the second. He loves legos, drawing, being dramatic, teasing Seth, and sleeping. He is so clever, and funny and makes me laugh every day. I love him so much, and look forward to seeing what he will accomplish this year, and see who he will become as he gets older. Here are a few highlights of Adam's 7th birthday.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Mud Flaps Rule!

This past Saturday I did something that goes against all my standards of cleanliness. I participated in a mud run. I'm not sure how long they have been around, but this is the first year I have heard of it. So, without hesitation I signed up. They set it up at the Throttle 215 motor cross park in Rose Park. The track was already there, they just muddied it up. I spent the morning wading, jumping into and over, trudging threw, slipping in, swinging over, crawling through, splashing down in and throwing a lot of mud. It was hilarious fun. Although I loved making fun of the relay teams that were super intense, and in it to win it, I think my favorite part of the race was killing it on the monkey bars. Not once, twice, thrice, but four times. I was amazed! I haven't done monkey bars since middle school. Probably because I haven't seen any that are taller than me, but it was still amazing. I ran the 3 member relay race with Stephanie and Janae. We had a mud in places mud should never be. Good times! I will definitely do it again next year.

Before the madness

After the madness

I'm just starting my first lap. Not looking too dirty yet.
My favorite obstacle was crawling under the chicken wire. This is Janae doing it!

Wading in the bog
The giant mud slide where I drank a lot of muddy water. YUCK!
Heidi Rocking the monkey bars
Getting muddy
My two biggest fans
The boys battling while I was playing in the mud

Seth waiting for his turn
Seth, where's your shoes?

Oh, they're stuck in the mud!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer in thirds-part 1 of 3

I'm sure this is happening to all of you as well. The summer has flown by so far. The middle will begin to get slower, and then the last third will seem to never end. School will not get here fast enough, I am sure of it! However, The summer is 1/3 over and I think we have crammed in some pretty fun stuff.
First of all, baseball season ended and both boys teams had horrible seasons. However, Adams team fought back in the tournament and ended up in third place. It was really fun to see him succeed. He likes baseball because it isn't a full contact sport. He doesn't like being pushed around so he excels at it. Noah tried out for and made the Centerville B all-stars team. The most exciting thing for him was he got his first jersey with his name on it! 
 We've already had many lemonade stands so the boys can earn a little spending money. We live on a road where a lot of people walk/bike/run/and drive by, so they do pretty well. My favorite moment was when the boys were selling lemonade and otter pops and this huge water/crane type truck pulls up and stops in the middle of the road. Other cars were having to drive around this huge truck. I couldn't help but get my camera and take a picture of Noah stretching as tall as he could get to give this huge guy his pink and green otter pops. It was so cute. 

 Adam turned 7...I will make a post just for that later. His birthday lasted all week, and we did a lot of fun stuff.

My volleyball team landed in last place at the end of our session. We only won one game the entire session. We entered the tournament in dead last. We were at the bottom. Do you understand what I am trying to say? We didn't do well. We  played our hearts out in the tournament, and miraculously we ended up playing in the final match to win the whole thing. Just kidding this is life, not Hollywood. We lost, but it was so fun to actually fight our way back. Yeah! That was my "go mom" moment.

We went to my first REAL game. The boys have all been before, but not me. It was crazy loud and more fun for me to watch all the fans than the game, but that's how I roll. I'm a people watcher.

I hit a home run in out stake softball tournament!

Ben turned dum, dum, dum...35! AHHHHHHH! Ain't he cute!

Carly got baptized.

Couple of camp outs. I will post them later because there are a lot of photos. 

Anyway, you get it, we've been having fun! I will report on the second third after it has happened. Hope your summer has been fun for the first third as well!  

This old house

For those of you who drive by our house a lot you already know this, but for those of you who don't here is photographic proof. The house that was white is now blue. (There is no BYU reference there...Ben is still a UTE fan)
We decided after the windstorm pulled a lot of our siding loose and some of it off we would replace it. Here is the house before:

Sorry for the snow, this was taken when we bought the house. It turned out better than the before picture I took specifically for this post. Oh, well!

They started with the garage and after the first wall of blue we were a little skeptical. It was a HUGE change and we wondered what we were getting ourselves into.

The contractors found a lot of crazy stuff under the siding and soffit. Abandoned mouse holes, and a huge wasps nest were my 2 favorites. CREEPY!!!

However, we allowed the madness to continue and we are very pleased with the finished product. If you haven't driven by don't miss your turn while looking for the white house on the corner because it isn't there anymore!