The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Running with the Leopards

This year Noah and Adam both set a goal to run in a 5K with Ben and I. We chose the running with the Leopards for 3 reasons. It was a family friendly registration (AKA- discount for kids), because it was mostly downhill, and I talked my friend into running with us for her first 5K and it was close to home so she would come. To say it was a VERY cold morning is an understatement. We were freezing and they started late. We were all very anxious to get moving so we could warm up. Finally, as the race began we all took off in good spirits. Noah quickly developed a bad cramp and had to pull off to the side and walk to recover. Ben stayed with him and I kept running with Adam. Adam had spent the 48 hours previous to the race complaining and saying that it would be too hard, and he was scared to try. I have to say that I had to really try to keep up with him. He just kept him pace, smile, and flew through the course. I was so proud of him and found myself wondering who's kid that was. We all finished the race and enjoyed some awesome spoils afterwards. It was a fun time for all of us. The race was the Saturday morning that we left for Disneyland. We finished and headed home to begin our trip. 

I wanted to post about the race because it was a big accomplishment for all of us. Especially, I think, for Adam. Here is his finishing stats...
5th place for under 11 male- His finishing time was 27:53.4, which gave him a pace of 8:59.8 minute miles.

Noah was 7th place for under 11 males. His finishing time was 29:46.2, his pace was 9:36.2 minute miles.

I was 8th place for woman 35-39 with a finishing time of 27:53, and a pace of 8:59.7 per mile.  My time was very similar to Adam because we were running together.

Ben was 7th place for Men 35-39. Ben's time was similar to Noah for the same reason as mine to Adam. I'm sure Ben could do better, but what a good dad to stay behind and help him through his cramp and get him to finish something hard.

What time is it? It's catch-up time.

I haven't posted a blog entry since the beginning of May. Because I use my blog solely as a journal I need to take a few posts to catch up. I can't leave this stuff out. The summer has been super busy, but I promise it'll be fun, so hold on and here we go!