The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

RAOK weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6

Playing catch-up as usual. I've been keeping up with my random acts, just not posting them as I should. Oh well. Here we go.
Week 3-

I found these keys in the snow and put them up on the lamp post. I'm not sure who took them, but normally I'd just walk by them and say to myself, "oh no, someone dropped their keys. That stinks for them." This time I picked them up and hopefully the person who dropped them walked by my house again and found them.

Also this week I made an effort to babysit for a friend I know who is trying to exercise more. She wanted to borrow my jogging stroller to push her daughter in, but it's still really cold outside so I told her to just bring her to my house. She did twice, and got to run kid free this week!

Week 4-
In honor of national blondie (or blonde brownie) day on January 22, I took blondies to 2 of my favorite blondes wth nice notes to tell them why I love them. Hopefully they enjoyed it and didn't think I am a weirdo.

Week 5-
Ok, so I admit to being slightly obsessed with National food days. I've got lots of plans this year. Consequently, this week will look very similiar to last week. In honor of National Chocolate Cake day (January 27) I made my best chocolate cake recipe and delivered it to two of my friends who love chocolate cake as much as I do. It was fun for me, hopefully they liked it too:)

Week 6-

This week I'm going with the theme of teaching my kids how to knock and run. Some of my fondest memories as a kid are making a treat, planning the perfect recipient, putting a treat on their doorstep, ringing their doorbell, and tearing down their driveway desperately jumping over bushes and diving behind neighboring cars trying to make it back to the van without getting caught. Every kid should experience the adrenaline rush of this activity. 
I've decided to do the ever loved "ding dong" ditch. Yeah!

The other person we knocked and ran to was a friend who just had a baby. I made her some freezer meals and took her an outfit. This one unfortunately I had to put my name on it. I thought about making it anonymous, but decided if someone dropped food off at my door and I didn't know who it was I might not eat it. No, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't eat it. However, we knocked and ran anyway, just for fun!

Well, that's it! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Today is today

I've got quite a bit to catch up on, but here's what I've got today. It's Valentines Day and I'm in love. With this...

My breakfast. It's scrambled egg whites and yes, heart shaped bacon! So fun, and yummy!  My boys went nuts over them:) 

We also gave all the boys a heart attack in their rooms. Telling them some of the reasons why we love them was really fun. 

Happy Valentines Day!