The Horse Heads

The Horse Heads

Thursday, January 24, 2013

One, Two buckle my shoe

I feel like there is a lot of talk about birthdays on this blog lately. With Noah a week before Christmas then Josh a week after New Years it is sort of true. Josh turned 2 and he seems so grown up. Some of his stats at his well child check up are:
Weight: 27 lbs. 13 oz-50%
Height: 35 1/4 in-70%
Head: 19 3/4 in-80%
He says a lot  of words and a lot of 2-3 words sentences. Some of them are funnier than others of course. Like this one:
Chips=piss (we get him to ask for more piss please)
He also says:
Shores=George (he loves curious George)
Choo Choo=trains (not weied, but cute)
He loves candy, popcorn, and the Hot Chelle Ray song, "Tonight, Tonight" and he calls if La, La because those are the words in the chorus. He can sing most of it it's adorable.
We had Winnie at our house for the week so she went with us to McDonalds for dinner. That is where Josh wanted to go. Probably the only place he knows of in his little world. That was the night of the huge snow storm so there was no one in the restaurant. We had piping hot food and the place to ourselves. It was awesome, but kind of weird at the same time.  

We came home and had cake and ice cream. You must pardon the lame excuse for a cake that I made for him. I don't know why, but for other people's kids it's fun to dream up and create wonderful cakes, but when it's my family if they don't have a preference than I just make one that tastes good. The blank stare that I received when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted was enough for me to take a pass this time.

 He got a wiggle car because Seth and Adam got them for Christmas and Josh can't leave them alone. He loves it! That's it! My baby is technically not a baby anymore, but we love having him around. He makes us all laugh. He is very loving and friendly. Happy Birthday Josh, until next year!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Completed with flying colors

While pondering what resolutions I want to embark upon this year I thought about ones I set for last year and checked up on myself to see if I had accomplished any of them. Of course there are a couple that were complete failures, but one was completed with flying colors. I had a goal last year, like many people do, to lose weight. My goal was to lose 30 lbs. I actually lost 40 lbs. by the end of the year, but here is how I did it. I ate good food, and I had to run. I hated the actual act of running, but loved the results that I got. I loved entering races with my sister, and trying to beat my personal best. It was a good deficit to have so that I can hopefully not make it into the 200 lb range with this pregnancy.

Before the swiss days race in Midway.
Swiss Days after the race

She sure does look stupid, but she's dry!

It was really cold and rainy so Stephanie stopped at an Albertson's on the way to the race to see if we could buy some ponchos. The store was all out of them, but this cute old Hispanic woman working there took a trash bag and cut out holes for our heads and arms. She said she makes them for herself all the time so she can walk to her car without getting her hair wet.

Steph and I also ran the "Love Your Body" race. She won a medal. I was glad because she runs a lot faster than me and at Swiss Days she refused to run ahead. I convinced her to go for it at this race and she did!

"Love Your Body" Race before.
"Love Your Body" race after.
 The funniest part of this race was after when everyone was leaving. Their food tables were still stocked with treats. Good ones too. Fruit and Loft house cookies. Steph and I didn't even talk about it we just looked at each other and slowly moseyed over to the table, quick checked over our shoulders, and grabbed what we could and ran! W met at a nearby tree and planned the closest exit and ran to our car. We were laughing so hard that I peed my pants a little. Who knew it was so funny to lift groceries from a race. We totally recovered our entry fees in food.
"Love Your Body" race Loot!

We also trotted in the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. It was a fun run but my results never came in and even though I beat Heather by 1 second she won a pie and I didn't. It was crappy!

The starting line. Melanie walked with the babies and we ran.
See how there is no pie in my hands?
This is how we feel about the Rec Centers way of keeping time! Get a better system for crying out loud!

One of my last goals was to finish a half marathon before the race season was over. I trained and finished the halloween half marathon. It was hard, but a blast to sit in a freezing cold tent for 4 hours before the race. We did see this cool guy dressed like the joker though. It freaked me out!
Halloween marathon before picture
Isn't he soooo creepy? His hair was even greasy and green like the real Joker.

Halloween Marathon After picture-with our medals!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Horsley Christmas 2012

Our Christmas break this year was full of Christmas concerts, Family parties, food, friends, sledding, and lots of fun. There was absolutely no homework, but we still read and practiced math facts. Anyway, it was a great holiday and I am glad to have Ben back to work and kids back to school today. Here are a few pictures of what we were up to...
I made a cute ugly Christmas Sweater cake for a friends party we went to.

Adam sings in the school choir and they had their Christmas performance outside this year at the Farmington crossing. It was cold and not a big enough venue for everyone who wanted to be there, but Adam sang wonderfully! (Sorry the pictue is bad. My flash was on and it didn't need to be)

We had to go to Costco on Christmas Eve to get oil. Ben wanted to fry a turkey and of course left it to the last minute. I could not believe how many people filed out of there with 1-6 bags of those rolls that Costco sells. They are ok if you make them into a sandwich, but to serve them as your dinner rolls for Christmas is disgraceful if you ask me. Almost every 3rd cart had those yucky rolls in them. Anyway, we stopped for some lunch and this picture is classic. No one looking but me! I'm so pretty!   
Never in his life has Noah sat on Santa's lap. He wasn't about to start this year either.
This picture is the boys waiting to see what Santa brought. Ben is of course teasing them and the anticipation is killing them. I think it is so adorable.
Ben loves to make the boys wait. They were losing their minds. See behind them, Ben took the time to make the bed, after making them wait until 8, among other personal hygiene tasks that were completed before he let them go downstairs. Just cruel! He really enjoys it!
Seth and Adam got a couple of these wiggle cars. They are fun!
Jo got a slim Jim. Out of all the gifts he got he was most excited about his Slim Jim, and his brothers wiggle car.

Adam and his loot

Noah got some new Basketball shoes and some other good stuff.

Ben got an old fashioned phone receiver that you can plug into your iphone. Kind of silly I think!
The best news of all is that we shared with our family and friends that we will be welcoming another pair of shoes to our family. I am due July 12, 2013. I am very excited to add to our cute line-up of boys. Yes, I predict another boy.

Seth was so exhausted that he fell asleep waiting for Christmas Dinner to be ready to eat!
We hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did and have a very good new year!